Prepared for Anything

Isn’t that the motto for some of us?

Looking at your list of must-have items, does the word herbs appear anywhere on it? Why not? Herbs are the foundation of so many remedies that have been used for thousands of years. Medications lose their efficacy after a period of time; herbs on the other hand are always around us, easily renewed and have little to no side effects.

If your band of brothers has a carpenter, farmer and metal worker, why wouldn’t you have an herbalist, too? For so many years, ‘traditional medicine’ has frowned at the ‘home remedies’, when in fact, big pharma has tried to limit what the public knows about herbs. Why? Because you can’t patent an herb…. there’s no profit for them to make from us.

There are just too many places on the web promising this and that about herbs, when in reality they’re just trying to upsell you something you may or may not need. What you really need is to know all there is to know about the cultivation, preparation, mixing and contraindications of herbs, with or without other medications.   There is just too many ‘online schools’ promising the moon and with ‘new’ discoveries. Let me tell you, if someone says they have an herb to treat something it has never treated before, be skeptical. Herbs have been used for so long, for so many ailments, there is no need to find some new treatment. It should set off your BS meter PDQ….pretty damn quick.

If you are serious about studying and becoming certified in the use of herbs, you’ll need to trust a place that has been teaching for a long time and offer online herbalist training. Some places have only popped up online, in the last few years; there’s no campus, decades of research and work, nor even a physical address for some online ‘schools’. It’s best to find a school that offers this training in herbal medicine and that has teaching herbal education for some time.

Do your research and don’t let anyone else tell you what you need to discover for yourself. Too many times in my life, I learned the lesson; see it for yourself.  Your survival may depend on it.